Design is not just a

communication activity,

it is the best introduction.

Our creative process


About Us

Our commitment focuses on the union of creative talent with the latest web technologies that allows
a mix of our knowledge, to achieve unparalleled success and results of the highest quality.
We create simple yet dynamic systems based on great design and programming.


Dishan Jayasinha



Ximena Landivar

Account Coordinator


Robert Aguirre - Content Manager

Manage the development process, create framework and interact with developers to bring projects to fruition.


Raffi Tasmajian - Quality Assurance Manager

Optimize the website and internet presence in order to get more traffic and increase the popularity of the website.
Make it easier to find on the internet.


Yaneth Santillán - Senior Designer

Like most people in the office she starts his day with a cup of coffee.
Always in constant pursuit of knowledge, likes to learn new methods and trends to provide designs creative and quality.


Antonio G. Carrillo - Senior Developer

He's a happy man, Love the life and love to work on Web and Mobile Development, He's a man of faith
and very creative. His motto is: "Whatever you do do it with all your might and your heart"


Nancy Bello - Web Designer

She designs websites in platforms adapting to innovation on the web. She believe in design
as a first mode of communication, that mixing colors, images and ideas  generates the best results
for functionality of a project. She's just a lover of creativity and the code.


Eduardo Mota - Web Developer

He's a nice person really likes challenges, explore almost every corner of the world
as all youth enjoys listening to music while doing your daily activities.

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